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Our Church had it’s start way back in the year 1841 under the leadership of a preacher by the name of Martin H. Ford. A circuit rider who served this area
by horseback in true Methodist fashion. This early congregation was known as a “Methodist Episcopal Society” and met in peoples homes.

 By 1860 the folks formed what was officially sanctioned “Willow Methodist Church”, purchased and held services in the old Smithville Schoolhouse.  In
1868 a new Willow Church was erected one forth mile north of Willow Road on Clark Road which served the congregation and community well for nine more years.

The year 1877 is interesting in that the Church was physically moved from it’s old location to it’s present spot here on Willow Road. The “Old Church” as we lovingly
call it still sits at this location across the street from our modern new building dedicated in 1972. The old church gratefully has been maintained, restored and
converted to a residential home as a Michigan Historical Landmark designation.

Our Church has a rich and storied history, we are proud to be celebrating our 150th year in just 2 more years (2010) as Willow United Methodist Church and
God willing are committed to 150 more! From Church archives here’s how the folks of Willow Church described their commitment, faith and focus at their 100
year anniversary back in the year 1960…  “The people of Willow Church stand firm at the end of the century of service to the living Christ and His Kingdom.
With a background of sacrifice, service & accomplishment, Willow Church confidently looks forward to the future! We trust in God to help us bring the
light of Christ to those who come to it’s doors for many, many years to come.”

To read more about our history, click here (you'll need a pdf Reader software to view this document; download free versions at www.adobe.com, or www.foxitsoftware.com).



As the Hymn  We Are the Church aptly puts it… “The church is not a building, the church is not a steeple, the church is not a resting place, the church is a people…” 
Hence Willow United Methodist Church strives to live up to that high calling in our life together.

Located in a rural setting we truly are a “country church” with quite a diverse people. Many of our members have roots going back many generations and many
are new transplants to this rustic area called Huron Township. Young, old, male, female, single or married. We have blue and white collar, executives and homemakers.
We are known as a small family oriented church with traditional services and values and we tend to like it that way.

Given our rural setting and lifestyle you’ll find our Church welcoming, loving and accepting with open hearts, open minds and open doors!  Small groups, Bible studies,
Sunday Service and fellowship make up the life of our church on a weekly basis with many opportunities to grow and explore your Christian faith.

We use the United Methodist model as far as Church governance goes. Our members serve on committees establishing and maintaining everything from operating
budgets to worship schedules on a 3 year rotating basis.

As the refrain goes to the above mentioned hymn… “I am the church! You are the church! We are the church together! I am a bit biased but together we really
do have a great little church here at Willow! Come on out some Sunday and see for yourself…

Be sure to view our Willow Photo Gallery!